We bring business to you and emotions to your customers

Italica Incoming meets the new needs of the incoming market in Italy with innovation and local expertise. We all know that being digital nowdays is fundamental to make any operator really competitive on the market; this is why we decided to put our digital competences at the service of our B2B customers. In this website, you will find the best range of touristic services in Italy and you can purchase any of them through a single online platform, ensuring competitive prices and immediate availability.

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Our promise

We have a Local Expert Inbound Network, located in the most beautiful Italian destinations, which is in charge to find and craft the unique and emotional activities, so that your customers can truly connect with the locals. Also, we guarantee a booking system which is transparent and easy to use, with a rich selection of hotels at the best rates in the market and a wide range of complementary services for a one-stop buying experience. But – above all – we offer you and your customers a range of exclusive activities that we call local experiences. A network of over 100 destination experts, based in the most beautiful Italian locations, have been creating unique experiential activities and themed excursions to allow your clients to fully enjoy the real Italian feel

Why choose us?

Here’s 9 good reasons:

1. Deep knowledge of the Italian territory
2. Emotional experiences, not products
3. We help make your business grow
4. Everything you need in a single platform and at a click
5. Reduction of management costs
6. Transparency and integration
7. Competitive rates and a very wide range of experiences
8. Package holiday
9. 24/7 Assistance
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