Our innovative market researches

We are all perfectly aware that, in a highly dynamic market like the tourism one, it is extremely important to be able to anticipate trends and understand the real expectations of travellers.

That's why Italica Incoming uses innovative business intelligence tools through which we improve our value proposition and support our partners to be more and more competitive and relevant to their clients.

Our innovative market researches are based on complex online processes of listening and interaction with the end user. The web allows indeed to access invaluable information which, if collected and analyzed with the right skills and the right tools, produce precious insights in what travellers want and expect. The goal is hence both simple and ambitious:

“To define a system model for profiling the market demand and for improving the match with our offer, in support of a unique destination experience”

A concrete example: the #365PugliaDays blog tour

The #365PugliaDays blog tour represents the first step in the model mentioned above.

We have selected 8 among the best Italian travel bloggers and involved them in an experiential 3-day trip in Puglia. They were based in one of the hotels owned by our Group and, during the tour, they had the possibility to live some of the unique Local Experiences we sell through our e-shop. Being bloggers, they shared these experiences live through the major social channels, as you can see from the screenshot below:

During the trip, bloggers produced and shared online more than 3.500 status, pictures, videos, tweet, etc – reaching more than 7 million people!

This, in turn, stimulated several spontaneous interactions with their followers, which have been carefully monitored and collected in our business intelligence system. At the end of the tour, the Engineering and Management Department of Salento University, exceptional partner of ours in this study, analysed all the gathered data, with the aim of mapping the market demand and then develop a match with our offer.

In short, we have set up innovative digital research processes which will soon be replicated to other Italian destinations and other Local Experiences.

Our goal is to constantly improve our catalogue and offer you insights into the Italian market, but also products and services truly relevant to your customers. This is an added value that only Italica Incoming can offer you, thanks to big investments in resources and technology. You can always count, indeed, on a highly qualified team who deeply knows Italy, the digital dynamics and, of course, the expectations and desires of the modern travellers.