Vespa tour in Rome

Do you remember Audrey Hepburn riding a Vespa with Gregory Peck during Roman Holiday? Well, your clients can experience the same unforgettable experience by riding colourful Vespas through the wonders of the Eternal City: a chic tour and a great introduction to Rome, which will be explored like “real locals”. They will have the chance to ride the world’s most famous scooter, the “VESPA”, for a private 4-hour tour of Rome! Travelling no faster than 30 km/h, the driver will guide your clients through the streets of this iconic destination, giving them insight in the local history and pointing out all sorts of curious information. A voyage of discovery and an unusual and unforgettable experience. Clients will be driven alongside the Aurelian Walls and the River Tiber, passing through ancient, monumental city gates. They’ll drink from Roman fountains that still today provide the city with the best public water supply in Italy. They’ll visit the Aventine Hill and its orange gardens, the time-honoured Appian Way and the remains of ancient Roman aqueducts and baths. And, as a special treat, they’ll be shown where to get the best espresso coffee and ice cream in Rome! Your clients will truly love this tour and will never forget it! The Vespa Tour is a great experience which your clients will truly love. It can be combined with many others found in our shop, together with a wide offer of hotels. It can also included in tailored made packages upon request.

At a glance

Rome is without doubt one the most beautiful cities in the world; every year millions of tourists come from everywhere to admire its treasures and masterpieces of art and architecture.

  • Devoted at least three or four days to see all of Rome’s major attractions
  • Rome is a city that must be enjoyed slowly. It would be wise to choose one small section of the city to explore each day, leaving ample time to lounge over an espresso or a glass of wine
  • The Vespa Tour is a great experience which your clients will truly love. It can be combined with many others found in our shop, together with a wide offer of hotels.

Not to be missed

  • The Vatican, the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Imperial Forum, the Spanish Steps and Piazza Campidoglio.
  • Trastevere, thirteenth rione of Rome, a microcosm on its own encapsulating epochs, peoples and living styles. Your clients will love strolling around fascinating medieval streets and dwellings, street vendors, artists, lovely restaurants and the mouthwatering aroma of freshly baked pizza.
  • For some serious shopping, Via Condotti cannot be missed!
  • No one should leave Rome, without tossing a coin into the Trevi fountain. According to the legend, if you do so you’ll be guaranteed another visit in the future.

Best time to go

Any time is a good time to visit Rome. However, as for any famous Italian destination, it can be quite crowded during high season. In order to truly appreciate the atmosphere, we would suggest to opt for spring or autumn: the weather is lovely and tourists are much less.The best times of the year to visit Rome are April, May, and late September through October. In the depths of summer, the heat and the crowds make the city nearly unbearable. Autumn is particularly convenient, as airfares drop, the weather is still warm, nights are slightly cool, and the tour groups have mostly disappeared.